Intervista a Bruno Oscar Schmidt

News del 10-05-2021

Bruno Oscar Schmidt è un giocatore brasiliano vincitore dell'oro olimpico nel 2016 a Rio de Janeiro e campione del mondo nel 2015. Giocatore di difesa di 185 tra i più inebrianti di sempre per chi vi scrive. Potente e tecnico, attualmente al quarto posto nel ranking in coppia con Evandro Gonçalves Oliveira Júnior.

  1. Nickname? Magic
  2. Favorite dish? Pasta
  3. Favorite movies? Action Films
  4. If not in your country where would you like to live? U.S.A
  5. Which sports do you follow? Surf, NBA, Golf
  6. If you hadn't been a beach volleyball player what might your sport have been? I think surfing
  7. Why? I love the sea
  8. How are you experiencing this pandemic year? Difficult year, but adapting training
  9. Thinking about an ideal player, what percentage of these characteristics should he or she have? Technique - Athleticism – Mentality 45% - 30% - 25%
  10. What are your characteristics as a player? Determinated, focused and persistent
  11. How much do you think tactics matter in beach volleyball? Very important, so we study opponents before playing
  12. You can steal a quality from another player present or past, what do you steal from whom? Fabinho's arm speed, he was a great player
  13. What is your weekly workout plan? Workout with ball 5 or 6 times a week, gym 3 times and physical part in the sand 2 times
  14. When you're not training or competing how do you like to spend your free time? Read and stay with family
  15. The most difficult moment of your career as a player and why? In the beginning, that everything is difficult and you think about giving up.
  16. The happiest and why? The victory of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro
  17. During games, how do you get out of tough moments? I take a deep breath and try to be calm to understand why I'm losing, what was wrong
  18. What role do you think the coach plays in beach volleyball? A very important role, passes tactics, patience, strength... everything
  19. What is the status of beach volleyball in your country? Difficult, because only teams that go to Tokyo have help and sponsorship
  20. Are there any beach volleyball schools? Yes, mainly from Rio de Janeiro and in the northeast of the country
  21. Do you know how the relationship between your local beach volleyball schools and your federation works?I can't tell you
  22. Do you have a favorite stage on the world tour circuit? Several, Gstaad, Vienna, Rome
  23. Do you have a favorite stage on the world tour circuit? I started playing with my father and never stopped
  24. In training, how much do you spend on game situations and how much on basic technique? it depends on each game. Difficult to measure
  25. What do you work on most in training and why? Defense, attack and lots of serve
  26. Is there anything you hate about training? No, I like everything, but sometimes the sun bothers me, my country is very hot
  27. Have you ever been involved in coaching? If so, what do you think is the hardest thing to teach? No, not yet
  28. If you've never gotten into coaching, do you think you'd like to in the future? Maybe I would like to be a coach in the USA
  29. Many sports like basketball or indoor volleyball are evolving, giving more and more space to taller players, while beach volleyball still seems to remain a bit more democratic?
    As a player who doesn't quite reach 6'3", what do you think allows you to compete and often excel at the highest level possible?What allows me to compete is to try to be perfect in everything, attack, serve, lift, pass, defense. I seek my best every day. And never give up
  30. Before we say goodbye, would you like to give some advice to all of our aspiring champions? First it was a pleasure to talk to you and tell you a little more about me. The tip I give is have fun, enjoy every moment and work hard to make it beautiful. Success for all. See you

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